Ancient Maize Druids must have visited Dublin at some point and time. They left behind this dramatic field of statues to honor the spirits of the corn. Rumors are that occasionally, someone will try to paint the kernels the proper and realistic color, but apparently doing so detracts from the anthropological nature of the ancient and mystical site, so there's a swat team on call to come in and either replace the despoiled ear of corn, or clean it. No one knows for sure, since it seems to happen only when no one is awake to see. Apparently the Dublin Arts Council has it's own Men In Black teams for this purpose.

No, those cars are not tourists here to see the artifacts. The place is often overrun with Canadian Geese too, so walking around in the field is a bit of a risk to the casual visitor's feet and shoes.

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The old Maize Druids must have been quite good with modern building materials, they have a concrete grasp of what kinds of constructs would endure for future generations. Click on the 4 thumbnail pictures above to see larger copies of the photos.

Presumably there's some giant children of the corn around to give the field more depth and meaning. One wonders if there's old Maize Druids buried under each of the Corn Cobs standing at attention in those straight lines. Of course that would make this the Arlington of Corn, lacking only the specific names and dates on these rather gruesome headstones.