Brick Face

The story of this piece of rather bizarre artwork fundamentally is based on the history of the region around Columbus. Rather than try to convey the entire thing, in summary the Wyandot Indian Chief Leatherlips was executed by his fellow Wyandots for witch-craft. Supposedly, a white settler named John Sells tried to intervene to save him and failed in his efforts to save the man. Why that merited a dedicated bit of artwork escapes this writer, but here it is.

Not that the sentiment of this monument is questioned, but the artistic value is twisted perhaps. The structure is like a child's play fort with space to stand atop it, on the side of a hill overlooking the Scioto River (a reasonable location for the purpose). The park this is located in contains a sizable children's playground and a small amphitheater.

This thing looks more like an over engineered snow fort made of stone than a sculpture. Of course, given the name of the Wyandot Chief this is supposed to resemble, it's interesting he appears to have no lips.

Any resemblance between the Leatherlips brick images above and the supposed 'face' on mars (photo below) are purely coincidental. The likelihood that a Wyandot Indian Chief, even one that practiced witch craft, could have gotten an image of himself on Mars is very slim. Such speculation is merely silly supposition. Right?