Corn Culture

Not to be outdone by it's suburban neighbor Dublin, Columbus had to enter the Corn Craze. This perhaps shows that the Ancient Maize Druids who created Cornhenge were perhaps contagious. Mind, Columbus decided to be more colorful about it, and who knows if there's any Men In Black that keep carefully clean the cobs in secret. 

But these ears of corn also move around secretly. Originally spotted at the Capital building, these sneaky ears have been eavesdropping on people at Nationwide Arena, Easton, and the Polaris Mall (these last two are local shopping meccas for those not familiar with the area). Obviously there is some kind of conspiracy afoot here. 

Or, perhaps, it's an effort on behalf of the corn to get even with those who ploughed under the corn fields to build malls!

On the left here, the appearance of these oddly alien life forms seems to be intended to demonstrate they come in peace. Maybe they just want you to have a peace of corn.


But this little beastie on the right looks like something from Invasion of the Body Snatchers. It's already absorbed a whole pile of people and is extending some of its husk to wave down some more victims!



This one has already assimilated some of the passerby's it seems.



Just a reminder that not all that glitters is gold. And for that matter, not all that glitters is a disco mirror ball either.



Two varieties of Pop Corn. Note that the one on the right seems to be boning up on it's origins (see poster to the rear in the window for Alien "The Director's Cut")

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