Ritualistic Dancing Bunnies

(Oh for pity's sake people, not Dublin Ireland, but Dublin, Ohio, get it right. I can't believe how many links I've found that refer to this with a suggestion people might want to visit Ireland to see these critters...) 

In Dublin there's a place named Spray Park and atop an artificial modern day faux burial mound on Woerner-Temple Road in Dublin is this set of cavorting coneys. About 12-14 feet tall, these three dance darkly throughout the day and night regardless of the weather. From this view, you can see the scattered boulders before the mound, left there carefully by the construction effort as if simply uncovered in the field as the structure was built. The face on this side of the mound sports a fountain of sorts, and is itself attractive. It's the demonic relatives of Bugs Bunny that this particular page addresses.

This particular statue was donated by the developers of the nearby subdivision and golf course, so it's not directly the Dublin Arts Council behind this bit of dark arts.

It's a dancing circle they've formed, and within that circle at their feet are small stones scattered as if to protect against fire in the event the beasts they summon in the darkness could start one. These aren't relatives to Harvey, the friendly and usually invisible Pooka. Though perhaps they are the unfriendly sort.

Lest anyone think these are simply Easter Bunnies done over sized, you need to get up close and look at the surface of these 'sculptures'. These things are done with a medium that includes using various objects on the surface of the sculpture to give texture and more detail. Not the kind of detail that makes them look Rabbit like, but the kind of detail to make you look closer. Things like automotive timing chains along the spines. Coins, scissors, screwdrivers, and other tools embedded in the surface. 

Note the glove, the pliers, and the other paraphernalia embedded in the surface. 

With a spine like this, one doubts they have many backaches, but then again, just how spry can they be with all that metal embedded in them?

 One can only view this and see how these monsters are assimilating the common items found in day to day life. After looking closely, one wonders just what purpose they plan to put all these odd tools to when the time comes. But wait, there's more sinister elements!


 Here's an all too human hand embedded in one of the paws. Peter Cottontail ran from the farmer, he didn't consume the farmer's children, did he? Just in case you thought the one hand in the picture above was coincidence, here's another...


The size of these hands is about that of a toddler's. It's rather disturbing as if these nearly satanic bunnies had been assimilating children and the only remaining signs were the little hands left visible. And here's yet one more...

If little hands aren't enough, there's a whole doll on a scooter embedded in one of the monstrous coney's legs.

For a few more frightful pictures from these beasties, click here to look at other sinister bits.

There's an eerie sense of impending malice in the countenance of these rabbits. Yes they are dancing, but it almost seems the malice in them is a potent and tangible element.


It can even be said there is a mechanical air about these monsters, that they seem to bear a resemblance to robotic demons of some dark era, intent on summoning up darkness from within...

Before leaving off these huge beasts, it's interesting to note there's a common household switch built into these critters...

If you could flip the switch, what would happen? Would they start to life and move about? *shudder* Just looking at how polished the tip of the switch is, it appears many people have tried just to see if the switch can be moved. 

One final look at the seemingly malevolent dancing ceremony these oversized rabbits are performing. Then we move on. This structure is, by the way, built in close proximity to where I'm told the new Dublin Public Swimming facility is being built. I can only suppose it's intended to provide a nice strolling park outside the pool area for families. I'm sure if no one looks too closely at these cavorting coneys that they are benign enough. Just imagine the Easter Egg hunt at the foot of the mound being overseen by these critters though.

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