Graduated Street

Many cities can claim to host a number of colleges. Oddly enough, only Columbus seems to have given a college cap for graduation to a street to show it has completed it's scholastic work I don't even know what to say about this other than since it's almost as wide as the street itself, I would worry driving down under this thing. This thing isn't at Columbus State, or at Ohio State, but instead is in the vicinity of Franklin University (judging from their home page, they have other art of a dubious nature I haven't seen yet). Originally I identified it as being at Capital University in error. It's rapidly becoming my opinion there's a few too many schools in Columbus proper for me to tell them apart.

Kind of like the Degree of Damocles?

It is however suitably situated if the passing Alien Spacecraft wishes to pull up under it and pose with a graduation Cap in a somewhat cocky tilted manner. This is a wee bit reminiscent of Rocky & Bullwinkle episodes, either Wossamotta University where Bullwinkle played for the football team, or Double-Domed Institute for Advanced Thinking where the school cheer mentions the campus building with two domes.