Landing Zone

The area is fully prepared for visitors from other worlds. Near the Dublin Recreational Center the City has prepared and left a delightful landing pad for the extra-terrestrial transportation in use. There's a well prepared blast wall in case the vehicle creates a substantial propulsion wash effect, and even a side funnel beneath what appears to be the Customs House so the blast will not simply be forced upwards.

Aerial view of landing zone.

If you believe the people at the Dublin Arts Council, the building on the site is called the Watch House. But it's apparently prepared either for some people doing quite serious drugs, or else the more obvious intent, a comfortable port of entry for the passing ET. Or perhaps to scare away the ET. Who knows. I prefer to view it as a Customs House.

My understanding is the locals, as in young locals actually, are quite fond of slipping into this place at the end of the school year and enjoying time with mother nature. I have no supporting evidence to this effect, and no interest in the use of mother nature that I've been informed of, but I suspect if they spend any real time in this Customs Facility, they may have nightmares...

The view inside the roof of the Customs House is obviously intended to make it easier for aliens to identify common items from our culture. The holes in the roof letting in sunshine are in the shapes of many objects and articles found in day to day life. There's a bicycle, a goblet style glass, tables and such esoteric food items as a carrot, a banana, and a baby doll. Additionally there are two cats nailed in place, curled up that is, to the inside roof.

It appears the City's engineers also determined that only Aliens with four fingers and an opposable thumb should be able to activate the entry lock, since there's a hand sensor designed for small hands beside the door. But then they must have decided to deactivate the lock, since there are no longer any doors on either side of the Customs House.

Why the design called for the blast relief channel to be under the Customs House is unknown. Perhaps this was a means of ensuring if the Aliens thought it was an Outhouse, the material beneath it would be expunged on their departure.

It's appears also the designers of the Customs House wanted all the visiting dignitaries from other worlds to know exactly what the purpose of our local furniture was for. Thus on the roof at either end there are two figures demonstrating the best way to utilize human constructs intended to be used as furniture.

It is perhaps with a bit of Sadness I must report there is little, if any, evidence that visitors from other worlds have in fact landed in this carefully built containment zone. Not only is there obviously older weed growth in the landing field itself, there's no duty free shop on the site. Perhaps that's why there is so little traffic from our neighboring planets.

Given that Dublin hosts the Memorial Day Golf Tournament, it's not at all surprising to find they've selected a Customs house design that looks like a Giant Golf Ball is embedded in the roof.