Parking Attendant

Along Rings road out to Washington Township and one of the more peaceful spots getting out at the edge of the Columbus suburbs where the rural sections are starting to be encroached on by newer construction is this little fellow. Unlike his apparent cousins, he's a giant who stands to the side of a driveway and merely appears to be checking motorists belong on the property. 

The owners of this property were kind enough to your snoopy guide to permit him on their property to take pictures of him up close, for which I offer a public Thank You. It seems they have a lot of folk stop by and ask about him, since from the street he looks much larger than he really is... 

His rather stoic demeanor and stiff posture give him the appearance of being about 6' tall from the street. He's really about 4.5' and while reminiscent of the Travelocity Gnome, I think he's rather put down some very firm roots.

Lest you think his expression is dour, I'd observe he is out in all kinds of weather, watching the driveway to see who comes or goes all day long no matter what the weather may be. His eyes do seem a bit beady and close together though. I had to wonder after a minute what he was up to with his hands behind his back. Perhaps taking advantage of the Ohio concealed carry law?

No, it appears he's just making fists in case unwanted visitors sneak up the driveway. He does seem a wee bit stiff though. I tried talking to him but only got a rather wooden response. Perhaps he's just stumped by the fact this job was assigned to him. 

If he asks for the keys to your car though, you may wish to find another place to park. I don't believe he can reach the pedals with those short legs.